If you are in a suicide crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255


I'm going to try to Vlog every day in the month of April -- one video a day on coping with depression.

Think I can do it?

Follow along and see! Click right HERE.

This should be fun...


A great book to use for daily inspiration: 

One of 100 tips: "Dance Your Troubles Away"!

"Dancing invigorates the body, jump-starts the heart, warms up your muscles, forces you to laugh at yourself..."

Give it a try for five minutes.  And then maybe five more!

Carrie Fisher

Those of us with mental illness lost a fierce advocate today. Carrie Fisher made it OK to be depressed, bipolar, or otherwise mentally ill. 

May she rest in peace.

It's the Holiday Season!

So you should be feeling cheery, right?

Not so fast! It's the winter, when the nights are getting longer and your mood may be getting darker.

So give yourself a break. Take care of yourself to the extent that you can, and be gentle with yourself when you overeat or stress about money or sleep all day. The holidays will do that to the best of us! Just do what you can.

Wonderful Video

I thought I'd repost this because it's so clear and inspiring!
Over 2 million subscribers and years of Internet popularity, and Charlie still suffers from depression. It's an illness, folks.