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Reasons to Be Cheerful

I can think of (and feel) so many reasons to be depressed, sad, and weepy on this New Year's Eve, the last day of 2017.

My mother died this year. I lived with her and miss her deeply every day. Her absence makes me so incredibly sad.

Our country is slipping backward, into economic inequality and racial tension and embarrassingly stupid political leaders, including the President of the United States, who is a self-described sexual predator and apparent idiot.

It's freaking cold and snowing and I'm supposed to be on the road in my camper.

I continue to suffer from over 30 years of depression.

I have very limited financial resources, and no job, and no will or emotional ability to hold a job.

Then again, there are so many reasons to feel blessed, lucky and hopeful on this New Year's Eve.

I have financial resources, and skills that make me eminently employable and various avenues to make money without a "job".

I'm healthy and reasonably young and energetic.

I've recently discovered the term "dysthymia" for my chronic, long-term depression, and that gives me -- weirdly -- a lot of hope and peace. Plus, I function with depression, as the past 30+ years have proven.

I have a small van/camper that drives just fine in the snow and has a good heating system, and I have resources to get a hotel room if necessary. Plus I'm heading out of this cold and into the Arizona desert!

There is a grand awakening in our country of activism, love and hope. I'm attending the second Women's March in 2018 and working on various other ways to take our country back.

My mother gave love, light, sense, and resources to me so that I am strong, loving, smart and self-reliant. She loved to travel and is with me in spirit on my journeys. Plus I have wonderful siblings to love me and help me financially should that become necessary... which it won't!

So, really, I have so many reasons to be hopeful, joyful and balanced this year. And I intend to!

Words of encouragement in these tough times...

...from John Green, best-selling author and 1/2 of the Vlog Brothers, among many other hats he wears.


April 30, 2017

Mom's travels on Earth ended on April 30th.

I was with her as she passed, and it was apparently a quick and painless process. One moment she seemed fine, in the hospital but expecting to be released the next day. The next moment she said something (my name?), looked up at me, and never moved her gaze or body again.

I am sad, but not depressed. She lived a wonderful, long life (88 years), with so much love and friends and family and travel and art... She influenced the world for good.

I love you, Mom, and always will.


I'm going to try to Vlog every day in the month of April -- one video a day on coping with depression.

Think I can do it?

Follow along and see! Click right HERE.

This should be fun...


A great book to use for daily inspiration: 

One of 100 tips: "Dance Your Troubles Away"!

"Dancing invigorates the body, jump-starts the heart, warms up your muscles, forces you to laugh at yourself..."

Give it a try for five minutes.  And then maybe five more!